A Brag Book….with a twist!!

I have had this idea for a little while now but didn't have a chance to give it a try until now.  I wasn't sure how it would work out so I gave it a "test run".  During Christmas I cut out a few extra Gift Card Holders (from My Creative Time)  for those "just in case of an emergency" situations.  So on my craft desk I had some of these green gift card holders already cut out and I started to work.  I knew I wanted to try to make a brag book of sorts. 

Here's the front of the book.  As you can see I also used My Creative Time's Anyday Bingo & Crossword stamp set.


The next picture is the inside of the first holder.  In this picture I had framed the picture of my nephew…..which was not a smart idea.


On the next gift card holder I also framed the picture of my neice… which again was not a good idea.  


With the one above I did attach another gift card holder to the back of this one just to see how it would look.  You can see this in the picture below.


And here is the inside of that one.


If you take a close look at the picture above you will see that the picture is not framed.  That's when I had my "light bulb" moment and realized that I shouldn't have done it other the other two pictures.

So I removed the framing from both of the other pictures as shown in this one below.  Did you see why I took the framing off?


It's because the holder will close without the framing.  When I kept the framing in I wasn't able to close the holder and that's when I got out the ribbon to hold the project closed.  But when I added the next page it all came clear but I still left the ribbon on.


Can you see how the tab closes now??

Well I have to say I am pretty happy how this turned out.  You never know what will happen when you just have a thought and follow it through.  Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't.  This time it did!  I am going to have to try to make more of these with some pattern paper and embellishments…..the possibilities are endless!!!  If you make one, send me a link so I can see how you created yours!

Until next time….have fun creating!!


My First Scrapbook Pages

I have decided to take a scrapbooking class.  I have never done any sort of scrapbooking so I am excited to try my hand at it.  Here's my first couple of pages.



So what do you think!?!  Pictures will come later!

Until next time…have fun creating!!