Happy Birthday Cassidy!!

My niece just celebrated her 6th birthday so I had to make her some stuff.  Here’s the first thing I made…


Inside there are some smarties.  I have about posted smarties a few times now as I have gotten asked what they really were as smarties in the United States are different than smarties here in Canada.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  I forgot to take some before I handed the gift over and had to take them while I was there.

I will post more of the projects tomorrow.

Until next time….have fun creating!!


Just For You Card

Just a quick post tonight as it is a busy Friday night!!   I made a card close to this previously…this one does not have as much detail as the other but I think it is still a beautiful card.


Hopefully I will have some time to craft this weekend!!

Until next time…have fun creating!!