Hockey Goodies

Last night we had our first exhibition hockey game.  I wanted to make something for the boys but wasn't sure what to make.  A friend of mine sent me some of these bottlecap keychains to try out so it was the perfect time to use them.   Here's the keychain I made.  I put it on a small piece of card stock using one of My Creative Time's Sports Sentiments stamps.



Here's the quick and simple packaging I did for the boys.  I kept it simple with just adding there jersey numbers so I know who had their stuff.  I am sure they didn't care about what it looked like.  I also put some candy in there.



Until next time…have fun creating!!


Hockey Goodie Bags

For our hockey "social" last weekend we got all the kids a swedish stick handling ball…..ok the goalies got reaction balls but you get the idea.  I couldn't see just handing over the ball nor did I want to keep track of who got theirs and who didn't so I made these very simple goodie bags.



And here is the reaction ball…


Until next time…have fun creating!!