I have a super quick post today.  I realize I have been missing in action but I am still facing some challenges that I hope to have fixed real soon.  Anyways….I just realized that I didn't share some awesome cupcakes my sister made for my daughter's birthday.  She is super talented in the baking department and I have showcased some of her things on my blog before.  I will create a separate category just for her….Kelly's Creations….so you can check out what she's made.  There are many more things that she has made that I don't have pictures of but you can get the idea.  Here's what she made for my daughter.


I have a couple of projects in the works and will be back to regular posting shortly.  Thank you for the emails wondering where I was.  I am still here and looking forward to getting back to my crafting!

Until next time…have fun creating!!


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