Golf Bag Card

I have seen a few different types of the golf bag made into a card.  I thought I would give it a try.  Again I did not put a sentiment on this card so I can add it later.


***Ok I was going to post this card late last night until I took another look at it in the picture.  It seems to be missing something….but what????  I thought I would put it out there and see if someone can help.  I don't want to "bling" it up too much as I was intending on giving it to a male….but what is it missing!!  Can someone please let me know?

Until next time…have fun creating!!


4 thoughts on “Golf Bag Card

  1. Hey, i’m looking at that and what i would add is a splash of color maybe a very small piece of fabric to mimick a golf towel..or maybe put the splash of color on the golf heads…just a thought, but the more i look i think it’s fine the way it is….


  2. Hi Karey!
    Great card! I think it would be cute to put the sentiment on a golf ball. You could also use different color tees for more color, or even some kind of crazy club covers.


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