Card for Juliana!!

Liz of Liz's Paper Loft had shared this story about Juliana on her site and I wanted to take a moment to pass this on.

"I have a quick post today.  I'm reposting about Juliana, today.  My friend is a first grade teacher, one of her little students has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer.  What they know so far is that she has a tumor on her knee, and couple of other spots in her body.  Juliana is being treated at UCSF, where the doctors are determining if they will be removing her leg at the top her thigh.  I've been told that even after she has envasive tests, she wants to be right back at school.  Juliana is an amazing artist, with an eye for color.  I can't even imagine the fear and stress, she and her family are under.  If you are inclined to do so, I know that she would love cards, and while you're at it maybe say a prayer for her and her family."

Please send cards to Juliana c/o Liz Munoz  4851 Lone Tree Way, Suite B, Antioch, Ca 94531

Until next time…have fun creating!!


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