Think Pink Vinyl Ribbons

I recently contacted Tammy Skinner of Creative Critterz because she made these awesome Breast Cancer Vinyl Ribbons for her son's football team (check it out here) and I thought it would be a great idea for my son's hockey team.  The problem was that I didn't have any Cricut cartridges that had a ribbon on it. 

The reason I wanted these Breast Cancer Vinyl Ribbons is that one of the hockey moms is fighting Breast Cancer right now and we are doing many things to show our support.  Our hockey boys are all wearing pink laces in their skates and pink tape on their sticks so it would be perfect if the kids could put Breast Cancer Ribbons on their helmets. 

Tammy was so generous and said she would make them and send them to me.  I was totally surprised and so thankful that someone who didn't know me would help me out…but that is how the crafting community is.  I cannot thank her enough.  Tammy actually dedicated a whole post on her website to making the Breast Cancer Vinyl Ribbons for me….you can check it out here.  (I took a picture of them too….see below.)


Last night the hockey moms got together and had a cooking party to make some meals for her for when she gets out of the hospital.  That way she will have some meals ready to throw in the oven to heat up.  We had a great time!!  There was a ton of yummy food and my sister even made some special cupcakes and breast cancer ribbon chocolates….


My sister also made some cupcakes decorated with some edible pearls on them….I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.


I will make sure to take some pictures of the boys so you can see them on the helmets!  Thanks again Tammy!!!

Until next time…have fun creating!!



2 thoughts on “Think Pink Vinyl Ribbons

  1. No… THANK YOU! I was just happy that I could do some small thing to help, really! I am just loving that pink chocolate ribbon!!! Where did you get that!? Looks like you gals had some fun while doing something really nice for someone… that’s the way to do it! Can’t wait to see the ribbons on the boy’s helmet… tell them that I rubbed some ‘good luck’ on them so they can win the game too! šŸ˜‰


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